Machine Acquisition, Sale, & Liquidation

Our core business – applying our expertise to benefit your business: understanding trends, effective marketing, global buyers, competent sources & partners, excellent reputation in the industry – it all begins with the Client-Partner communicating a need to purchase or sell. We are also knowledgeable and have managed the process of “de-tiering” Tier IV-Interim engines at export destination.

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Sales & Marketing Outsourcing

Utilizing multiple channels and platforms to market and sell your equipment: online listings, exposure on this website, various social media platforms and email marketing campaigns to an extensive domestic & international customer base. Our methodology has proven success in OEM Dealerships (CAT, Volvo) since 2004, has evolved to remain contemporary and can be scaled to fit any organization.

Mining & Large Machine Components

Addressing a classic issue for international mining operations and capital spares: provision of rebuilt components ready to install or “cores” for rebuild at customer facilities.

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International Procurement & Logistics

Management of upstream supply chain for customers who require a long-term solution or professional attention with a specific project – machines, materials, special requests.

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Project Management - Domestic & Expatriate

Capitalize on external business opportunities and development, expansion into Latin America and other markets, representing your company at international events, meetings, contract administration – just few ways we can apply our global expertise to your business.

Consulting – OEM, Dealer, ERP, & Best Practice

Whether we execute on your behalf or train your staff, we can strengthen, develop and add value to multiple areas of your business. We specialize in sales & marketing infrastructure, utilizing digital platforms, international support and managing or providing guidance for ERP implementations.

Containerization & Logistics

Containerization for Export – we offer dismantling of machinery and containerization at our partner facility near Savannah Georgia, quotations include final delivery of loaded containers FAS (Free Along Side) Port of Savannah, Georgia USA.