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Mister Maquinaria was created after decades of experience inside OEM Equipment Dealers, Auctioneers and working internationally on large construction projects: Mining, Oil & Gas and Infrastructure. We have played various roles within those businesses and projects, developing high-profit income streams and managing equipment fleets.

Our goal is maintaining the highest value for your construction, mining and earthmoving equipment portfolio throughout the lifecycle – procurement to sale - and partner with service providers who similarly have proven competency, integrity and professionalism. Mister Maquinaria staff members have lived and worked extensively overseas, and/or conducted international business as a manager or owner, thus our global reach is a difference-maker. Utilizing our vast experience and network of equipment owners, international buyers, marketing & social media connections, auction houses, we have executed the sale of trades, rental fleet machines, surplus and distressed inventories to a diverse clientele.

Our experience ranges from procuring specific machines for fleets and pending jobs to sourcing unique and high-demand equipment for niche projects. We are also knowledgeable and have managed the process of “de-tiering” Tier IV-Interim engines for export and use in Countries where availability of local fuels requires this conversion.

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Founder and Managing Director

Bret Creech

Fluent in Spanish, Construction Machinery OEM Dealers (CAT/Volvo) for 18 years, ExPat in Venezuela & Peace Corps Volunteer...

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Sales Director - Western USA

Andrew Bush

Fluent in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese & Peace Corps Volunteer in Bolivia, business acumen, owner & entrepreneur, consummate...

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